Cast Iron

Cast iron is a ferrous metal that has been alloyed with carbon and silicon. Carbon is added to the base melt in the amounts that exceed the solubility limits in iron and perspires out as graphite particles. Silicon is added to the molten bath to nucleate the graphite which optimizes the properties of cast iron. Free machining characteristics are obtained by the graphite particles in the product, which is why cast iron can be used as a replacement for leaded steels.

Wells Dura-Bar® introduced the process of continuous casting into North America. This process maintains a fine-grained, dense as-cast-structure. The bar is pulled from the bottom of the holding crucible so that all dross, slag, and other impurities float to the top. This process makes the product suitable for applications requiring close conformities to tolerances, excellent machinability, and high strength.

Dura-Bar® cast iron provides a significantly finer graphite formation and improved mechanical properties. Continuous cast iron products allow you to machine a great variety of parts faster and with less waste; thus higher profitability.

Grade / Shape

Min (in)

Max (in)

Width Max (in)

Lengths (ft)

65-45-12 DI RD 1.5 6   5 to 6
80-55-16 DI RD 2.25 8   5 to 6
G-2 AC Flats & SQ 0.75 4.25   5 to 6
G-2 AC RD 0.625 12   5 to 6