About Us

Peerless Steel

At Peerless Steel, we pride ourselves in being a leading service center in the Midwest and Canada, specializing in the distribution of the finest quality steel and select aluminum since 1946.  Having an extensive inventory of Tool Die, Carbon Alloy, KNIFE, Round, Flat, Hex, Plate steel and prominent distributor of Wells Dura Bar™.  

Founded by Fred and Stuart Wood in 1946 Peerless has grown from a single location in Ferndale, Michigan to 4 locations.

Peerless has experienced constant growth as it continually gains market share in the metal products industry. This growth trend has accelerated in recent years as a result of customers recognizing our capabilities. Not only do we have access to a wide range of grades and sizes, but customers benefit from a company with abilities to process exact specifications while providing next day delivery.

For over 70 years, through our 4 Michigan based locations (Troy, Grandville, Saginaw and Clinton Township), Peerless has specialized in next day delivery all over the Midwest and Canada.

In September 2019, Michigan Specialty Steel proudly joined the Peerless Steel Family. Peerless Steel has excelled during its more than 70 years through hard work, commitment to its customers and guarantee to quality. The acquisition of Michigan Specialty Steel enhances that commitment. Partnering with Michigan Specialty adds additional products, processes and services. The two companies share strong family values and a passion for extraordinary customer service. 

Michigan Specialty Steel was founded by Arnold (Arnie) Reeves. In October 1987, Arnie helped start a new tool steel company called Unisteel.  They were the first company to offer six-side squaring of details. Michigan Specialty Steel (MSS) was established in July 2009 right at the time the tooling industry market was declining.  Because of his well known reputation and knowledge in the industry, along with his determination and dedication to his customers, Arnie was able to build another successful company.

Peerless Steel doesn’t sell just steel, we provide complete steel servicing with a complete focus on customer service.  Our mission is to provide our customers with steel and related processing that meets or exceeds their expectations in terms of order accuracy, delivery, and value on every single order.

To achieve this policy, Peerless is committed to comply and embrace business, customer, and statutory and regulatory requirements while continually improving our operating system based on the requirements of ISO 9001.

David Wolff
Peerless Steel